Shaken Baby Syndrome

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DB Shaken Baby Syndrome Lavelle Horne Counseling 502 July 2, 2013 Instructor: Pamela Todd Baby Shaken Syndrome Baby shaken syndrome can cause a huge impact on how the baby’s brain develops overtime. These cases are usually a result of someone’s frustrating, which leads to the shaking of the infant. During the infancy stages, the neck isn’t strong enough to support the head during these ordeals. As a result, the brain begins to shift causing brain tissues to tear as well as vessels, in addition, bleeding. Such incidents can cause severe retardation or death one can assume. Because of the infant’s inability to support the brain, it could possibly collide with the wall causing internal bleeding. This syndrome certainly has an effect on neutral networking. If an infant were to suffer from this, the neurons would separate from one another because of the rupturing. If this happens it would also prevent the neurons from communicating using dendrites and axons. Neurotransmitters and the process of synapses would possible be completely destroyed. If I were to educate young adults and caregivers in the effects of Shaken Baby, I would explain in great detail the possible consequences because of the damages. I would explain to the parents and caregivers that the syndrome can cause permanent disabilities to the infant such as partial or total blind, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, and more. Not only would I verbally tell the parents about such, but showing them photos would give them a more realistic view that it could possibly happen to their infant if not treated with care. In further, I would explain to the parents that there are risk factors in this type of incident happening. First would be stress. Stress can cause one to be more aggressive unknowingly. One may be upset or
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