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Trauma, Development and Spirituality John Doe Liberty University Trauma, Development and Spirituality Traumatic experiences can affect a child development, because the stress of a trauma can affect the neural biology of a developing brain. one of those traumatic experience could be a high conflict divorce. A high conflict divorce can caused post traumatic stress disorder in a child, according to Doctor Jeanne Brooks in the video "Divorce and Stress". This high conflict divorce can also alter the development of the brain of a child, because the chemicals in the body can affect the neural biology of the body, she also quoted. What we can do as counselor is to speak to the parents and speak to the courts in order to help the child in…show more content…
As mentioned before other environmental influences that can affect development are accidents and illness. According to the book "Development Accross the Life Span" by Feldman, children between the ages of 5 and 14, have a higher rate of injuries. Car accident are the most frequent type of injuries for children at this age, followed by burn, drowning and gun accident. These traumatic experiences can affect the child mental development. Ways in which we can prevent car accident injuries is by using the seat belt. Asthma is one of the illness that can produce some traumatic experience to a child, poverty is one of the factors that plays in role in asthma. Children in poverty don't have a good health insurance and live in less sanitary condition and this is one of the reason that children in poverty have a higher rate of the asthma. As I mentioned before some children of divorce parents fall into poverty and puts them at a higher risk of developing asthma which might cause some development delays due to the stress related with this illness. Other illness that can affect a child development are visual and auditory. As some of us already know auditory impairment might lead to speech difficulties and this might affect a child…show more content…
(2014). Moral Development vs. Spiritual Development. Retrieved on 03/03/2014 from Essay Grading Rubric Student: | Elements | Criteria | Points Possible | Points Earned | Instructor’s Comments | Introduction | * Is there a clear thesis statement? What is the topic you are going to address? * Does the introduction provide a clear overview of the paper’s contents? | 5 | 1 | NO Thesis statement | Content | * Are the issues raised in the topic properly treated? * Are differing viewpoints considered, analyzed, and treated? * Is the analysis thorough? * Is the 600-word word count met? | 25 | 15 | Issues not covered adequately. More thoughtful analyses needed. | Conclusion | * Does the conclusion offer a good summary of issues treated in the paper? * Does the conclusion offer suggestions for further study? | 5 | 2 | | Materials/Sources | * Does the bibliography contain at least 2–3 scholarly sources? * Are materials properly cited and quoted in current APA style? * Are the sources less than 7 years old? | 5 | 3 |

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