Children Should Not Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Alana Mr. Biggs Exp. Read/Write 17 March 2013 Juvenile Justice In todays society the internet and television have a huge impact on childrens lives and the way they view certain situations. The media, such as movies, music and television, shows certain things that many children should not be exposed to. Children at the age of thirteen or younger have a difficult time knowing right from wrong to a certain degree. Many people would disagree with this argument. Others would say that children at the age of thirteen know right from wrong and when committing a crime they should be tried as adults. That is not completely true. I believe children should not be tried as adults. Scientific reaserch showa that children are influenced by their environmental surroundings that may adversely affect ta child and the way they view different situations. Many people view the topic of juvenile justice differently. They believe children know exactly what they are doing when making a decision. No matter what age you are, your sentence should fit the crime you committed. A…show more content…
They should be put into thearopy or analyzed by a psychologist to see whats going on on their heads to see what causes then to do horrifying things that they are doing to want to hurt other people. They often lesrn from their mistakes by being shown the right way to handle certain situations rather than using violence. Their parents should lead by example because most of the time the children look up to their parents. If the child is not being shown any attention at home, they usually do something drastic so they can get that attention that they want. Kids should not be tried as adults. Their brains arae not fully develpoed to know whats going on. They just need positive influence in their lives to understand how things are viewed in life and how hurting another person in any way is

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