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Biol 309 Test Question Bank Cell Cycle Multiple Choice 1. The role of ‘cyclin’ in the regulation of the cell cycle would be best compared to: A. a digital watch that produces a precisely timed signal every few microseconds. B. a row of dominoes, that all fall sequentially after the first one is flipped. C. a light switch that alternates between on and off states. D. the accumulation of sand in an hourglass. 2. Which one of the following statements best describes the mechanism by which the "cell cycle control system" regulates events of the cell cycle? A. Ca++ and cAMP are leased into the nucleus at particular times. B. Protein activity is regulated through phosphorylation and dephosphorylation.…show more content…
Which of the following statements correctly describes p53? A. It is a membrane receptor that binds to a cell growth hormone. B. Cell division stops until p53 binds to DNA and repairs the damage. C. p53 is an example of an oncogene, and its expression causes uncontrolled cell division. D. activation of p53 leads to inhibition of the S-phase cyclin-CDK complex. 6. All of the following statements correctly describe M-Cdk, EXCEPT: A. M-Cdk causes the cell to enter S phase and begin DNA replication. B. M-Cdk has two subunits, a protein kinase and a cyclin-type protein. C. M-Cdk only becomes active during M-phase. D. M-Cdk triggers many events by phosphorylating other proteins. 7. The figure to the right shows that injection of M-phase cytoplasm into an oocyte triggers the cell to enter mitosis. What would be the expected effect on cell division if cytoplasm from a G2-phase cell were injected into an M-phase cell? A. DNA replication would begin again. B. activation of all cyclin-CDK complex in the cell. C. it should have essentially no effect. D. mitosis will immediately stop. 8. Which one of the following statements best describes the relationship between tumor suppressor proteins (TSP) and

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