The Importance Of Decision Making

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Decision making is inarguably an unavoidable process for an individual or an organization to experience in daily life. In short, it could be best described as an act of picking the best solution among a few different approaches and alternative solutions to a particular issue. Along the way, decisions can be made via various aspects. It could either be made through an intuitive or reasoned process, or in another context, a combination of both (Skillsyouneed, 2018). On the other hand, Cliffsnotes (2016) also believed that decision making is a continuous process of analysing situations or issues propose for alternatives ideas, choosing the right choice, and eventually execute it in action. This decision making process can be extremely short, which…show more content…
Decision criteria are variables or important characteristics that are necessary when I make my decision. It would enable me to evaluate the alternatives I have at the moment. During this process, I should eliminate any fixed variables which are not constructive for me to establish the criteria for the process. Implicit criteria which are immeasurable should be able to compare among one another. Explicit measurable criteria should be within the scope which I am trying to solve. When I want to buy a house, I would have to look into location and accessibility (Ahman.S.A, 2018). The criteria which I would establish are that the house must be situated near major roads for me to have eased when I commute to and from work. There must also be multiple routes to access to my house for my convenience (Struyk.T, 2017). Neighbourhood facilities come next. A good neighbourhood should have amenities such as education, fire and emergency services, healthcare facilities, government offices, worships place, recreation opportunities and proper infrastructure. Subsequently, property types and sizes also matter most. Types range from single-family houses, duplex family, condominium, bungalows and many more. Style and function of the house are also important because it determines the size of the house. I should look more into the numbers of rooms and bathrooms, built up square footage and so on. I would also allocate an extra room…show more content…
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