Summary: Benefits Of Tuition Reimbursement

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Part 3 Course Project Jared A. Jones 1454 Paramount Dr 4B Huntsville, AL 35806 Phone: 256 361 3710 HR 599 Benefits Instructor: Frederick Perry November 19,2011 Throughout my research I found many valuable resources to support my arguments. The first issue I want to cover is the one about tuition reimbursement. I reviewed many tuition assistance programs from different companies. A study of the benefits of tuition assistance programs shows that the vast majority of employees who have advanced their education through such programs report that their job satisfaction, efficiency, quality, and productivity were positively influenced, and that the knowledge they acquired was useful in their jobs. (“Study of Tuition”)…show more content…
The lack of on site childcare causes many people to miss work with the odd schedules we worked which required many working late into the evening and on weekends. One of my sources stated, “Today many businesses face recruitment and retention issues, asking how to attract and keep the best and brightest. For some, on-site childcare is a valuable employee benefit as well as a sound business decision. It is important for a business to think about its responsibility to understand the family issues faced by its workforce as well as the larger issues.” (“On site child,”) This benefit would be greatly appreciated by the employees who a parents of small children. It’s only logical for our center to implement the on site child care since it is currently in many of the Verizon call centers nationwide. Many of those centers are actually smaller than the one I was in Huntsville so there is no lack of space for a childcare facility. To be…show more content…
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