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HSOP320 full course (all discussion , midterm ,final ,course project, week 2-7 assignment) Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwcampus.com/shop/hsop320-full-course/ Week 2 assignment Homework Chapter 3: 1. Name the functions of the front office department along with job titles and specific responsibilities of each. 2. How are housekeeping and front desk dependent upon each other for customer satisfaction and what types of communication are used to ensure that this occurs? Chapter 4: 1. Name the functions of the housekeeping department along with job titles and specific responsibilities of each. 2. Outline the ten areas that a guest room attendant needs to cover to properly clean each guestroom. 3. List and discuss 5 ways that might…show more content…
How is management of a timeshare different from management of traditional hotels? Be specific regarding operating procedures and guest characteristics. Chapter 13: 1. Compare and contrast in detail the lodging and facility characteristics of activity-based facilities vs. themed facilities. What geographic areas are most conducive to each? Course Project: Own Your Own Hotel! Objectives|Guidelines|Grading Rubrics|Best Practices Objectives Back to Top This course project is designed for you to learn more about the lodging industry while having some fun at the same time. Your assignment is to design and to develop your own hotel. The following criteria needs to be followed: 1. Will you select a hotel franchise (brand) yes or no / why or why not? 2. How many rooms will your hotel have? 3. What will your hotel’s ADR be? 4. Select an actual geographic location / market. 5. Decide what type of operating segment your hotel will operate under. 6. Develop the hotel’s departments that will support the operations of the hotel. 7. Select specific amenities that will help distinguish your hotel’s brand. 8. What type of management organization will your hotel possess? 9. What type of security features will your hotel have? 10. Evaluate your actual competition (strengths and…show more content…
How did the hotel management handle it? How would you have handled it? If you never had an issue in a hotel, what good experiences did you have? (graded) Week 3 Role of the Marketing Manager (graded) The role of a sales and marketing manager is an exciting field but is also critical for a hotel's success. What are some of the attributes needed to become a successful sales and marketing manager? What are some of the businesses that a marketing manager can bring into the hotel? (graded) This section lists options that can be used to view responses. Q2 Role of the Human Resource Manager (graded) You are the new General Manager of a new 400 room full service hotel that is scheduled to open in 6 months. The first task you have is to hire a Human Resources Manager. What traits, skills, and knowledge should the candidates possess to be considered for the position? What would be the first steps you would take in the hiring process? Week 4 Role of Food and Beverage in the Hotel (graded) What are some of the Food and Beverage services commonly found in a hotel? When staying at a hotel do you use any of these Food and Beverage services? Why or why not? (graded) This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

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