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Communication Assignment Do you remember when someone gave you a genuine compliment and how that made you feel? Some people might feel embarrassed by a compliment but for the most part, they create a positive atmosphere and a sense of connection between two individuals. Compliments make us feel proud of ourselves and complementing others is good medicine for the soul. There is a way to give compliments, and, a way to receive them as well. People benefit from being the targets of compliments, but we also benefit being givers of them. You never know the affect a compliment can have on someone. It might be the only nice thing they hear all day. I believe that when you change someone’s mood with a compliment, we affect other people who…show more content…
It seems that complimenting others truly helps break the ice and communication comes easy. Each day I chose different types of compliments. Most were direct compliments based on observations of the individual. Different compliments received different responses depending on the manipulation of the variable and the type of person. For example, on day three of my experiment I chose to compliment someone on how well they did on their test. They responded by telling me that, “O I didn’t really study, I could of done way better, I didn’t do as well as I expected”. This person received a 93% on a difficult math test which is by far a good grade. This person never thanked me, which made me feel unimportant. Most individuals would smile and be happy while saying thank you. Different people will respond in different ways. When it comes to complementing another male or female, compliments differ depending on the gender of that person. For example, I would not compliment a female on her shoes because I am a male. But I would complement another male on his shoes because we have something in common and I might like his shoes. Also the response might be different as well, the female might look at me funny and the male might say “thanks man” and give me some advice on where to buy the

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