Algebra 2 Trigonometry Regents Reflection

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It took determination, a lot of studying and two years, but I finally managed to pass the Algebra II Trigonometry Regents. Some New York schools changed the curriculum, and instead of teaching Geometry before Algebra II Trigonometry, they reversed it to accommodate the more difficult Regents exams. The problem with that was that students weren’t learning the correct math subtopics that were going to be on the test. The first Algebra II Trigonometry Regents that I took in June 2010 was after completing the entire full year course. When I first opened the test, I realized that some of the topics included were never taught. I didn’t miss any math classes throughout the year, so I didn’t understand why the questions were so difficult. I was nervous to get my test results…show more content…
I took the regents for the third time in January 2011 and again, I didn’t pass. I continued taking the Algebra II Trigonometry class after school, and again took the regents in June of 2011. I passed all my other regents tests including Geometry that month and when I got my results for the Algebra II Trigonometry Regents, I started crying. I finally passed. I was so happy that I didn’t have to worry about the stress of this topic anymore. My parents were so proud that about how determined I was. Now I realize that it wasn’t until I completed the Geometry class in my junior year that I passed the regents in June of 2011. I believe this is because Geometry was the necessary class to take before Algebra II Trigonometry but the curriculum in my school district wasn’t set up that way, causing many students to fail. Many students who failed were “A Students” and never failed a test before this. All that matters is that I finally passed. It took four tries but I have a lot of determination and the reward was the Advanced Regents Diploma for High School that I will now live with

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