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Why make us hate school even more? Testing days are the worst. Somehow I feel more tired, even though i slept the same amount of hours the last few days, and my stomach just won't stay quiet. You have the urge to pee every hour. You try to make not a lot of noise somehow everyone still ends up staring as you walk out. The CAHSEE is worse because if you don't pass, you won't graduate. Congratulations LAUSD, you've managed to make our lives even more stressful than they already are. Some may see the CAHSEE as easy as ABCs but not everyone does. I think the CAHSEE is out of the question, there's already other tests in the end of year to make sure we're learning. When I first heard of the CAHSEE test, I didn't take it as seriously. I didn't believe that my high school career depended all on a test. I know my cousin took prep classes which she didn't take so serious but ended up passing, in her first try. She is pretty smart and she says it was easy just some questions were…show more content…
I can't remember if what I ate for breakfast let alone what I did in elementary. I know I have the basics but I thought that's what the CSTs are for. Lots of kids know the topics in the CAHSEE but are horrible test takers so it messes them up. I think the CAHSEE should be taken off the table. Maybe it could be in the end of middle school. For those who don't pass it the first time, you have junior or senior year to try again. Let's say on doesn't perform at their potential, again and again, will he still graduate? Probably not on stage, and with an invalid diploma. High schools give you a class that's dedicated to help you, CAHSEE Prep. I know some seniors who are stuck in this class and don't like it one bit. they could be using their time in a class they need or they enjoy. Seniors already have enough on their plate with college, senior dues, and homework. CAHSEE is just another

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