Returning To School

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When people say, how does it feel to be returning to school? I look at them and say im not returning, im continuing. I went from high school directly into college. I graduated in May of this year and then started my first class at ashford on the 27th of September. I was kind of scared to first start but as I got into my first class, it got a lot easier. You know I always thought classes on line were just like regular classes actually in the classroom. But I have found that online fit me better. So in my journey of continuing my education I am glad that I chose to do online classes. My past is very well lets say intresting. Especially highschool. In high school you know you have groups. You have the popular, geeks, jocks, loners, and everyone else. Popular being you know everyone and everyone knows you, the cheerleader kind of person. You know the stereo type. Geeks being the nerdy bookworm kind of student. The kind of student that always worrys about if they get an A on an assignment or test. Jocks are the football/basketball, athletic, popular, alfa-male. Loners are the kind of person that keep to themself, distance them selfs from any real relationship with peers. Everyone else are the socially awkward students that are diffrent. They dress diffrent, talk diffrent, act diffrent. If you would label everyone else, that label would be diffrent. Diffrent in the way of hair, clothes, attitude, daily activitys, personallity. Well I was part of that everyone else. Very socially akward up until around junior year where I started to come out of my shell and actually talk to people. Now its like you cant get me to shut up. But high school for me couldnt be over fast enough. I didnt really like it. I like my teachers and some of my classes but as a school itself, I dont care for it. During my sophmore and junior year we had practice ACT and PSAT. The PSAT is the Prairy

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