Fan Cart Lab Report

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Analysis: In part 1 of the experiment, we are about to determine the amount of force, power, andthe work done by the fan cart. In reference to trial 1, which serves as our best trial, with a givendisplacement (S) which is .!m (! cm) and the amount of force of the fan cart which is .!"# $we obtained a time (t) which is .!%%% sec. &fter, we computed the value of the work done by thefan cart which is through multiplying the amount of force of the fan cart and the givendisplacement which corresponds to the theory that Work = F∙S = F∙Scos ϑ . Since the forceapplied F acts along the same direction with the displacement, there's an amount of work anddefinitely positive in value which in our first trial its value is .%% . $ext, we compute…show more content…
e always obtainedan unreasonable value of height that's why we keep on repeating the trial. -o minimie sucherror, the experimenter pulling the spring balance must ensure that the force exerted is horiontalto ensure low percentage error. Conclusion: ork is defined mathematically by the dot product of the vector 5orce F anddisplacement. &lso, /ower is defined as the ratio of work and time. In part 1 of the experiment,the data obtained can show that ork is somehow related to /ower. -he data obtained shows thatthey're somehow proportional but the amount of increase is not that dramatic like the ork inevery trial. Since power is the ratio of work per time, and as displacement increases thus the timealso increases, which results to the value of power to be somehow constant. -o improve theexperiment, the track must be laid properly to a flat surface and the fan cart must properly releaseto the starting point to avoid additional time recorded.2nergy is defined as the ability to the work. It has many forms and one would be6echanical 2nergy which is subdivided into two, the gravitational potential energy and kineticenergy. 7inetic 2nergy is simply the energy due in motion whilst ravitational /otential

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