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Module 3: Natural Forces Affecting the Driver Vocabulary: Please define six (6) of the following terms in your own words. Please do not just copy and paste the definition. 1. Gravity - The force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass. For most purposes Newton's laws of gravity apply, with minor modifications to take the general theory of relativity into account. 2. Inertia - A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. 3. Potential Energy - Is the energy stored in an object due to its position in a force field or in a system due to its configuration. 4. Kinetic Energy - An object is the energy that it possesses due to its motion. 5. Friction - Is the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other. 6. Traction - The action of drawing or pulling a thing over a surface, especially a road or track. 7. Centrifugal Force - Is the apparent force that draws a rotating body away from the center of rotation. It is caused by the inertia of the body. 8. Centripetal Force - Is a force that makes a body follow a curved path: its direction is always orthogonal to the velocity of the body, toward the fixed point of the instantaneous center of curvature of the path. 9. Deceleration - Is the rate at which the velocity of an object changes over time. 10. Force of impact - An impact is a high force or shock applied over a short time period when two or more bodies collide. Module 4: Signs, Signals & Pavement Markings 1. Explain the purpose of the following A. The difference between solid and broken lines is: A broken line consists of dashes, and it indicates that passing is permitted in that stretch of road. A solid line

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