Othello Response Essay

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Othello is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 1600s. It is a drama that takes place in Venice, Italy. It is about Othello marrying Desdemona and Iago his esteemed general begins to plot against him. Othello becomes jealous and suspicious of Desdemona. He confides in Iago that he plans to poison Desdemona. Plots and murders ensue and Othello returns to the castle to kill his innocent wife. He eventually smothers her to death. Emilia tells Othello the truth about the scheming Iago. Othello wounds Iago, and then kills himself. In response to Othello, there are three different authors who have analyzed the tragedy and each provided their own insight to further explain the play. A.C Bradley wrote “The Noble Othello’ which discussed Othello and explanations to his actions. Millicent Bell wrote “Othello’s Jealousy,” which discusses the racial dynamics of Othello’s character and struggles that he ultimately suffers from his inability to completely conform into a community that deems him a racial outsider. There is also the essay by Jeffrie G. Murphy’s “Jealousy, Shame, and the Rival” which discusses the jealousy that was expressed between each character and how it led to the outcome of the tragedy as exposed through tragic flaws. Each of these three essays discusses different aspects of the play to provide an overall greater understanding of the actions that led up to the resolution. In the essay by A.C Bradley, he discusses Othello and justifications to his actions. Bradley notes in Act 1 “Now, by heaven, My blood begins my safer guides to rule, And passion, having my best judgment collied, Assays to lead the way” how Othello chose to find explanation between Cassio and Montano. Although, based on the diction and tone that was chosen it also shows the self-control Othello used in order to remain calm and retrieve the information that was important for him to
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