Monstrosity In Frankenstein

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Who is the real monster? Monsters are not always described as someone unnatural and grotesque, but they can be viewed as someone evil and brutal. The Oxford dictionary defines a monster as ‘A cruel, wicked, and inhumane person’. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the reader is allowed to experience monstrosity in a regular human being. Although most of the characters in the novel exhibit monstrous feelings to a certain degree, the society and the creature are not as monstrous in comparison to Victor Frankenstein. Victor’s ambition to give life to an inanimate body results in him becoming a monster. He is determined to study at a university to discover the secret in life. By doing so, Victor spends years away from his family and…show more content…
At this point in the novel, the creature is fed up with the rudeness of the characters he encounters and he is now at his breaking point. He anger makes him seek revenge and take the lives of the innocent. As the creature approaches Geneva, he runs into William. The boy tells him his father is a Frankenstein, and then the creature commits his first murder, “I grasped his throat to silence him, and in a moment he lay dead at my feet” (pg. 127). The creature’s goal is to make sure Victor suffers for creating life and abandoning it. Although the creature just wants revenge, he takes the wrong approach by committing murder. He murders the poor innocent boy William who is describes as perfect by Shelley. Shelley does this to emphasize the death of William and to make the novel even more tragic. Also this is done so that the reader no longer chooses to pity the creature for murdering such a perfect boy. The creatures monstrosity reaches a new level when he frames Justine for William’s death, “I bent over her and placed the portrait securely in one of the folds of her dress” (pg. 128). By doing so, society assumes Justine is accused as the murder due to the evidence that has been placed upon her by the creature. Even though the creature does not murder her physically, his actions result in Justine having to be hung because she is accused of murder. At this point, two people have been killed because of the creature’s monstrosity. Although the creature is generally a kind hearted character, he is given the occasion to experience monstrosity
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