Victor Is The Real Monster In Frankenstein

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Betty Ramirez Mr. Unger English 4P 12 March 2012 Frankenstein Enormous, frightening, unintelligent, and green? These thoughts are automatically in one’s mind about a creature supposedly named “Frankenstein.” These assumptions are wrong, in fact, the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley describes a creature created by Victor Frankenstein. The fictional story seems to convey the creature as a monster. Victor does unfathomable things in order to create this so called monster. Just as many other people in the novel, Victor “judges a book by its cover.” He is in a sense evil, heartless and a complete coward. It may be argued he is the real monster in the story, not the creature. Frankenstein and society created a monster due to the mistreatment, bad judgment and the…show more content…
The creature disappeared by the time Frankenstein returns home, but soon Frankenstein would learn some bad news of William, Victor’s brother. Victor becomes sleep deprived and wretched; he feared the creature might return. He becomes very ill, restless and his physiognomy reveals it so well. Victor receives a letter from his father, Alphonse Frankenstein, stating to him, “William is dead!... Victor he is murdered!” with this returning to Geneva was no question. Justine, practically a family member, is accused of the murder and goes on trial. Afraid to have his sanity questioned, Victor takes a cowardly action and mentions to no one that he knows who the real murderer is, the monster; he allows an innocent woman to be hung. The creature finds Frankenstein after tormenting him enough and asks one thing of Victor, for him to listen to his tale. Upon hearing this, the creature believes the solution to his misery is a mate. But Victor is cruel and in the midst of creating a mate for the creature he tears her to pieces and refuses this to his progeny. The creature becomes odious. Frankenstein is heartless and chooses to keep the monster
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