How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Frankenstein

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Roajhaan Sakaki Mrs. de Rubertis H English 12B 12 February 2014 The Feministic Frankenstein Gothic literature is meant to stimulate the body’s senses and to introduce the idea of the super natural. In Mary Shelley’s, story Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein tries to recreate life by creating a hideous monster from the remains of dead people. After being appalled by his creation, Victor abandoned his monster, and left him to survive on his own. Shelley purposely creates a world where the female roles and powers have been usurped by men, in order, to show that a world dominated by males who usurped the female roles, out of fear, would collapse and become chaotic. Shelley portrays how easily this male dominated world would collapse, to prove the importance of a female’s presence in life. For example, when Victor Frankenstein created this new life, the monster, he ultimately usurped the female role of giving birth. After Frankenstein abandons his new…show more content…
During Shelley’s time period, females were considered to be inferior to men, but Shelley shows how men actually feared a woman’s power. For example, when Frankenstein was creating the female mate for his monster, he started thinking about the consequences of having a female version of his monster in the world. He thought that she can create a whole new race of them and that she would not listen to the male monster and do things her own way. These were horrifying to Victor and all of these were thoughts of fear. Frankenstein feared the power of the female and her capabilities. He feared the female domination, so, in turn, he viciously destroyed her to prevent any of it from happening. The idea of having a female was too petrifying for Victor, so the easiest way to resolve his fear was to completely eliminate their role and power. Mary Shelley shows that a male dominated world will create chaos and will most definitely
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