Comparing Frankenstein And Volney's Ruins Of Empire, By Mary Shelley

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Frankenstein The dictionary defines bibliotherapy as “the use of reading materials for help in solving personal problems or for psychiatric therapy.” After reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelly I found that the monster uses books to not only educate himself on humankind, but also to help him cope with the many mental problems he experiences. The four books that Shelly selected for the monster to read are books that the monster can relate to and ends up learning new levels of emotion through them. These books are Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther, Putcher’s Putcher’s Lives, Milton's Paradise Lost, and Volney's Ruins of Empire. I believe that if shelly had chosen different books then the outcome of the story would not be so devastating. Therefore,…show more content…
This text offers a cynical and biased view of the human population and our cultures. It confirms to the creature that he is in fact not normal and that the reactions of others towards him are definitely not normal either. He also realizes that his desire for companionship is something that all men feel and most men have. This causes him to feel even more hatred toward Victor for creating him to be alone. This leads to the monster’s threats toward Victor to create a female creature for him or he will keep on causing tragedy in Victor’s life. Since the companion is never actually made the monster goes on causing tragedy in the novel such as the death of Elizabeth. To avoid all of this tragedy, I would have selected a novel that gave the creature hope, such as Beauty and the Beast. This is about a Beast who falls in love with a human named Belle. Despite the Beast’s ugliness and anger, Belle falls in love with him anyway. This could very much give the monster hope that the same thing could happen to him and that he does not need a female monster to be happy, but his own real life
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