Frankenstein book vs. movie

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has inspired many in Hollywood to make movies based n the ideas from the book. However they do not always stick very close to the original ideas. The Kenneth Branagh version of Frankenstein stayed close to the original ideas of Shelley’s book but there were major differences that changed the overall theme of the movie. Although there are many film versions, they do not always stay close to the ideas of Mary Shelley’s original work; the Kenneth Branagh version stays close to the original idea of creating a monster but adds his own spin to the film to keep the audience entertained. These changes keep the common themes intact from Shelley’s original ideas. Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 interpretation of Frankenstein gave a modern take on Shelley’s famous work. For the most part, the film version stayed close to the original ideas of the book. However, this film version makes Victor seem more like a madman than was presented in the book. This was done through Victor trying to bring Elizabeth back to life after the monster killed her. This was not found in the book and makes Victor seem insane. In the end of the scene Elizabeth kills herself because she cannot choose between Victor and the monster. The way the monster initially killed Elizabeth varied from the book though because Shelley said, “[t]he murderous mark of the fiend’s grasp was on her neck” (Shelley 173). The movie version tried to make it seem more dramatic by having the monster (played by Robert De Nero) rip Elizabeth’s heart out of her chest. The idea of using Justine’s body for the monster’s wife was very important to the plot of the movie because it allowed for the sequence of bringing Elizabeth back to live. However, this idea varied from the book. The original idea had Victor in the Orkney’s to create the monster. Victor became worried that, “she might become ten thousand times
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