The Creature And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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Different, Yet so Alike In Marry Shelly’s novel Frankenstein she develops two different characters, Victor Frankenstein and the Creature also know as Dr. Frankenstein’s creation. Even though these two characters are not related nor do they look alike in any way, they have very distinct characteristics that make them so similar. Looking at just the surface it’s hard to see how it would be even possible to call them alike. However, after digging a little deeper it becomes easier to draw distinct parallels between the two characters. As these similarities connect them in a few ways the Creature begins to seem less like the actual monster. They are similar because of; their desire to learn, a love for nature, and a longing for revenge against…show more content…
Frankenstein and the Creature shared an uncontrollable need for vengeance. After the Creature murdered Elizabeth and Clerval, Dr. Frankenstein devoted his life to finding the Creature. He tracked him across the continent; he sacrificed himself by going through fatigue and the bitter cold which was all driven to simply get revenge on the Creature for his actions. Dr. Frankenstein even says, “revenge— a deep and deadly revenge, such as would alone compensate for the outrages and anguish I had endured” (Shelly 169). The Creature all the same was driven by vengeance during his time of existence. For example, when the Creature gets kicked out of the little cottage he was filled with the feeling of revenge. He went on to say that he wouldn't even feel bad if he destroyed the cottage and everyone in it. He might even take pleasure in doing so. The Creature also wanted revenge when Dr. Frankenstein would not create a companion for him! The Creature promised Dr. Frankenstein that he would regret his decision to not make him a counterpart. Sure enough the Creature fulfilled his promise by making him suffer by killing off Dr. Frankenstein’s best friend Clerval and his wife Elizabeth. They both lived and went out of their way to satisfy there longing for revenge. Even so, they both found solitude in the nature around
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