Victor Frankenstein Research Paper

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Victor Frankenstein was a very avid scientist. He would spend years on certain experiments so he could get whatever he was working on perfect. Though, the last invention he made wasn’t very perfect at all. He made a hideous beast who killed multiple of his loved ones and friends, and went on a rampage of destroying peoples homes and whatever else he came across. People in society did not accept this creature, because he was so horribly ugly. At first, Frankenstein was a very innocent being, but as the story went along, he started to gain a dark side. With all these people telling him he’s a monster and that they want nothing to do with him, he starts build up all of this anger, lonliness, and other deep emotions in side of him. He finally…show more content…
Victor would have showed off his creation to the other scientists, who would be marveled and quite thrilled at what he has invented. They would not criticize him and show his work as a huge medical breakthrough, which could maybe have stopped many from dying or even brought back great minds from the dead. Many people would be inspired by this invention that Victor has created and many more experiments to better the community would go on. Victor and his whole family would become prestigious and they would receive much wealth, making them even more rich than they were before. Victor would be given awards and job offers from universities across the country, and would go down in history as a great hero. His family would be so proud of having such a great sibling, and he would just become filled with so much happiness and love for his monster. He would then spoil Frankestein by buying him all these wonderful gifts, and giving him all this fame and respect from people around the world. Frankensteins monster would feel like he is actually important and wanted, and everything would just work out like it was supposed to. I really think that if Frankenstein had just made his monster look more lively and attractive, then all the bad things that happened in the book would have been avoided. The ending would actually be happy instead of depressing, and would even make th book more
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