Sympathy for Grendel

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Sympathy for Grendel Society shapes who we are. Grendel is viewed as a monstrous creature because of his actions. Grendel was only portraying what society had taught him. Grendel was both rejected and hated by man, which led him to be aggressive to fill the void in his heart. Grendel adapted because of the way he was treated by society which ultimately led to his destructive behavior. He wasn’t given a chance to conform to society because he was judged. His aggression was due to jealousy and loneliness. Grendel will always be seen as a monster because he comes from that culture. A world full of monsters, hate, violence, and evil. He wishes for love and joy but this can never happen. Grendel craves for acceptance and attention and this is why he attacks. He wants to be loved and to live within the human society. It takes a true person to look past the horror and terror of the monster Grendel. This shows that our society is quick to judge things that they are unfamiliar with. Grendel is a horrifying monster, but acts like this because that is where he comes from. He receives no love and attention from the human society in which he wants to be a part of, so his actions are taken out on that, depicting him as a savage beast. If our society wasn’t so quick to judge from the outside appearance, maybe they would see a lost, lonely creature, just craving and searching for a way to fit
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