How Far Was Wolsey Arrogant and Unpopular?

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How far was Wolsey arrogant and unpopular? (20 marks) Sources 1, 2 and 3 all agree that Wolsey was cocky and despised as source 1 says ‘arrogance and ambition roused the hatred of the whole people,’ this shows that due to his arrogance he grew more and more unpopular against the ‘whole’ people. This shows that a lot of varieties of people over the different classes do not like Wolsey because of his ‘arrogance and ambition.’ Source 2 agrees with this as it states ‘brings them such fear’ which shows that he considers himself to be better than the nobles’ which makes him arrogant also as they ‘fear’ him it is likely that they also despise him as you normally dislike the things you fear. Source 3 also agrees with the view that he was despised as it states ‘he makes the lawyers plead without payment for all paupers’. This shows that he is highly unpopular with lawyers as he believes if they do not do their job properly they should be fined however lawyers are the only category which state that he is un-liked compared to the ‘whole people’. Sources 1 and 2 both agree that he had a lot of power over the nobility and they were not fond of that. Source 1 state’s ‘his hostility towards...nobles’ this shows that Wolsey was aggressive towards the nobles which created ‘great irritation’. Wolsey saw himself above the nobility so he did not give them any respect and believed they could not do their job properly. Source 2 agrees that he had a lot of power of the nobility as he ‘shakes them by the ear’ this quote show that Skelton was taking the mick out of the nobility for not standing up to Wolsey which shows the amount of power he had over them but also that the nobles did actually fear Wolsey. This therefore lowered his popularity as he was inconsiderate and treated the nobles crudely. Source 1 and 2 also agree that Wolsey saw himself as king. In source 1 it states ‘he
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