Creon's Flaw

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In the beginning of the play it is made known that Creon is a powerful ruler. It also seems that he is a good ruler and his people are loyal. One of the chorus members states, "If that is your will, Creon son of Menoikus, you have the right to enforce it: we are yours"(Line 37). It is also obvious that Creon ignites fear in his subjects. For example, when Antigone asks Ismene to break the law Ismene replies in fear saying "Think of how terrible than these deaths, our own death would be if we were to go against Creon." (Line 42). The power that Creon has over his people plays an important part in the play. When Creon makes a decree saying that Polyneices will not have a proper burial, his life starts to spiral out of control. This action leads to him being considered a tragic hero.
Creon’s human flaw of arrogance causes him to ignore reasoning and advice and listen only to his own thoughts. He states, "My voice is the one voice giving orders in this city". He is afraid to go back on his word because it will hurt his pride and he is afraid that it will cause him to lose power with his subjects. This action causes him to lose everyone that he loves. He even refuses to listen to the wise words of the blind prophet who tells him, "a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong. The only crime is pride"( Line 35). His arrogance leads him to believe that he is the only one with wisdom and his love for power causes him to choose what will keep him in power over what is right.
Arrogance is a vise that people deal with on a daily basis. It’s a normal weakness that people have. Creon shows us the dangers of this vice and proves the point that any normal weakness can lead to a person’s downfall. Antigone’s message is clear: It is important to set egos a side and listen to the council of others. Creon had so much power that his ego became so enormous that he truly

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