Is Julius Caesar Noble Or Noble

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Jordan Sabari Mr. Strazulla Period 1 10/13/13 Julius Caesar In the play Julius Caesar, Brutus was considered to be a noble man. He did what he thought was right for the city of Rome. Unfortunately, he killed Julius a good friend to him I believe the route he took was not the right choice. In Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, Brutus is possessed with a honorable stature and does not back down from his beliefs. The question everyone is asking is what Brutus does make him noble or an honorable stature. Brutus kills Julius because I believe he is persuaded by Cassius for Rome’s own good. In the play I believe Brutus’s character was very strong and his integrity. The fact that he basically could control the conspirators and over power Cassius definitely showed it. Brutus just wants to do the right thing for Rome, but I do believe when Cassius thinks killing Julius is the best thing for Rome Brutus was easily manipulated and deep down inside Brutus knows that. Brutus’s character gets stronger from this scene throughout the play. The killing of Julius was just going to bring about war.…show more content…
When Antony spoke at Caesar’s funeral Brutus trusted him not to blame the conspirators for Julius Caesar’s death. Antony in fact said the conspirators were behind Julius’s death. Another example of Brutus being too trusting is when Brutus trusted Cassius about killing Julius to save Rome from tyranny. "Not that I loved Caesar less, but I loved Rome more"(Julius Caesar-Brutus). Afterwards Brutus did feel terrible about killing his beloved friend as if anyone would. Brutus was trying to do the right thing and all he wanted was his people to be save and away from any harm of tyranny. Brutus being too trusting was a major downfall for
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