The Three Mistakes of Brutus

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The Three Mistakes of Brutus In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Brutus makes three important mistakes that lead to his ultimate demise. Brutus makes the mistakes of letting Marc Antony give a funeral oration over the body of Julius Caesar, refusing to kill Marc Antony, and joining the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar. Brutus allowing Marc Antony to give his funeral oration to the citizens of Rome is a grave mistake with many severe consequences. When Antony hears about the assassination of Caesar, he sends word to Brutus and the conspirators that he loved Caesar but will now vow to serve Brutus if Brutus promises not to punish him for being once loyal to Caesar. This fools Brutus into thinking he can trust Antony, so he allows him to give a funeral speech over the body of Caesar to a large crowd of Roman citizens. Brutus foolishly assumes that the Roman citizens will listen and heed his words because they were full of truth and reason. He explains to the crowd the reason why he assassinated their much respected leader, saying, “Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” (Shakespeare 681). Brutus insists that Caesar was a great man, but he was also ambitious. Brutus doesn’t want the Romans to be slaves under Caesar’s leadership. The citizens cheer for Brutus and his apparent kindness saying that he should be the new Caesar. They believe Brutus’s words and that Caesar was a tyrant who needed to be assassinated. However, the citizens’ fickle attitude shows when Antony gives his funeral speech. Antony tears down Brutus’s defenses saying that Caesar wasn’t ambitious because he thrice refused the crown. Antony uses powerful rhetoric tools by appealing to the emotions of the crowd, their greed and curiosity, and the power of suggestion. He uses the body of Julius Caesar, covered in blood from the numerous stab wounds, to appeal
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