Mark Anthonys Speech Julius Caesar

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Brutus is an honerable man.... the words chosen by Mark Anthony in William Shakespeare's popular play "Julius Caesar." Anthony starts the speech off speaking how Brutus just explained how Caesar was an ambitious man which is why he was murdered. Anthony argues with that stating how Caesar gave to the needy when they needed, "When the poor has cried, Caesar has wept." Following this statement he mocks Brutus saying, "But Caesar was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man." After that was all stated he reminded the people how Carsar did turn down the kings crown multiple times, "I thrice presented him a kinlgy crown, Which he did thrice refuse." Then he repeats, "Was this ambitious, Brutus said he is ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man." He is just saying Brutus is an honorable man but using the sarcasm and irony of his choice of words to make Brutus look like the enemy. The irony he uses in this speech is quite astounding. Anthony uses the term, "an honorable man" as more of an insult than a compliment. He spits it out angrily, wanting the crowd to know that he doesnt beleive for a second that it describes the assassins. After he gets done talking about "Honorable Brutus" he takes out Caesars will but does not read it until the crowd has to literally beg and force him to do so. He talks about the robe Caesar was wearing, the first time he wore it was the day he overcame Nervii. When Brustus stuck his mighty dagger into Caesar it was the unkindest cut of them all. Brutus being Caesar's angel, has committed the greatest act of treason and mutiny. The crowd after is enraged and wants to avenge Caesar. "We'll burn his body in the holy place and with the brands of traitors hourses take up the body." But Brutus is an honorable
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