Comparing Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln

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Comparing Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln English II Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln are undeniable two of the greatest men in history. When comparing the two, there are not a lot of things they have in common. However, there are some main things that they did have in common. Both of them were powerful leaders, they both lost parents at a young age, they were in the military and they both were assassinated. Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln lived during different time periods. Caesar was born in 100 BC in Rome. Julius was considered to be a dictator and a manipulator. In Caesar home city he was a leader. When the people were not allowed to be in any decisions were made for the country. Caesar had the most power in his country and he was able to control a large army. As time went on Julius Caesar gained more power. Many in the Senate felt that he was a very dangerous, ambitious man. They didn’t like all the vicissitude that Caesar was endeavoring to make to their country. They considered Caesar’s power as a disregard and disrespect to authority, tradition, and Roman rules. Caesar had many occasions to challenge Roman commanders and many of their opponents, which lead to many civil wars. But his decision to cross Rubicon was against the Roman law. Julius Caesar’s zeal and overconfidence that he became invincible in both Rome and battle, because his soldiers resected and doted him; he mentally conceived that he could pursue whatever he wanted. This led to his demise. Some members of the Senate got together to discussion a way to kill Caesar. They felt like they were defending the republic. There were many proposals and discussions on a way to kill him. They decide to summon Caesar to read a petition. The petition was a move to get him to surrender power and hand it back to the Senate. The assassination of Caesar occurred as he was reading the fake

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