Analysis of Caesar's Character

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Character Analysis of Julius Caesar Theme of the play Julius Caesar is one of William Shakespeare’s famed historical plays. Its theme centres round the conspiracy against Caesar, his assassination and the subsequent civil war that erupts between the two factions, namely the factions for and against him. Caesar is a celebrated military commander, who involves himself in politics to gain power. There is a party of the Roman nobility who resents his rising power. Many of them dislike him through jealousy; only a handful detests him fearing that he will be a tyrant. To assess Caesar’s personality in a correct perspective, it is necessary to keep this background in mind. In the unfolding events of the tragedy, we can see the various elements of Caesar’s character, ranging from his love to his wife and friends to his boastful vanity and arrogance which ultimately pave the way for his own end. Caesar disliked Contemplation of the sequence of events, as unfolding in the play, may be a decent approach for this evaluation. In the opening scene, workers come out on the streets, without going for work, to see Caesar returning to Rome in triumph over Pompey. Flavius and Marullus, who are members of the anti-Caesar faction, disperse the crowd, bid them go home and repent for the sin of being ungrateful to Pompey. Further, they remove the decorations placed on Caesar’s images. (Act 1.i. 50 – 55) “These growing feathers pluck’d from Caesar’s wing/Will make him fly an ordinary pitch, /Who else would soar above the view of men, / And keep us in servile fearfulness” ( Act 1.i. 72 – 75) This confession of Flavius clearly reveals the extent of their jealousy against Caesar’s growing popularity and rising power. Caesar’s sense of observation Caesar has a keen sense of observation and understanding of the mindset of men. While returning home after the ceremonies, he
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