Persuasive Essay: The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

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549430 Ms.Owens – 1st English II November 19, 2014 The Assassination of Julius Caesar One of the basic needs of being human is to control something in life whether it be money, or a group. One of the ways to gain power is by killing someone or assassination. Caesar, the leader of Rome, is assassinated by the conspirators who believe that he is becoming too powerful. The conspirators were wrong, Caesar shouldn’t be dead. The assassination is proved wrong by Antony when he reads Caesar's will to the people. Antony reads the paper or his will to the crowd and in it Caesar "gives/, to every several man seventy-five drachmas." The conspirators who killed Caesar believed he might do something bad to the citizens of Rome, but Caesar loved them enough to put them in his will, canceling any good cause for the assassination. The conspirators killed Caesar because they also believed that he was too ambitious. When Caesar "put it[the crown] by thrice.../ and at every putting-by mine honest neighbors shouted," he threw the conspirators into being jealous. When the conspirators heard of…show more content…
Cassius exclaims to be a “insupportable and touching loss,” shows that Brutus was wrong to kill Caesar, when even Portia, believes that taking her own life is the only way out. Brutus proves that even he felt that the assassination was unjustified. Shakespeare shows this when Brutus gets into an argument with Cassius about, “we now/ contaminate our fingers with base bribes.” A reason why Brutus killed Caesar was that he was corrupting the government and gaining power. This proves that killing Caesar is not bad, because Caesar’s corrupt ways appear in Cassius. Lastly, Brutus finally realizes that the assassination wasn’t right at the end of the play. When the opposing army of Antony is coming to capture him he then kills himself, saying “Caesar now be still;/ I killed not thee with half so good a

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