Julius Ceasar(Antony vs. Brutus Funeral Speeches)

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Why is it that after Brutus’ and Antony’s funeral speeches the countrymen wanted to start a riot and seek revenge? Caesar was brutally murdered for his ambition and his funeral was held for all of the countrymen to attend. Two convincing speeches were given, one a lot more persuasive than the other. Either way after the funeral the countrymen wanted blood to be shed for Caesar's death. While both Brutus and Antony both gave their speeches on the behalf of Caesar, Brutus focused on justifying his killing of Caesar formally while Antony focused on using logic and genuine emotion to win the countrymen's hearts. Starting off with Brutus, he was the first to speak at Caesar's funeral. Brutus talked very formal and did not use much evidence. When talking to the countrymen he tried to appeal to their minds, not their hearts. His reasoning for killing Caesar was the fact that Caesar was too ambitious. Although this was a good reason it was all an assumption and he gave no evidence on how Caesar was ambitious. Although Brutus did hypothetical situations to the countrymen to convince them further that Caesar could of became a tyrant. For the love of Rome is why Brutus murdered Caesar and that convinced the people that there was no man nobler than Brutus. He had won them over until Antony began his speech. Mark Antony started off with a dramatic entrance, he entered the pulpit carrying Caesars lifeless body. Antony then began his speech with a contradiction, he talked about not praising Caesar but throughout most of his speech that is exactly what he did. Not only did he praise Caesar but he also tore at Brutus and the other conspirators image by repetitively and sarcastically calling them “honorable men”. He began to turn the crowd against the conspirators by convincing them that there was nothing ambitious about Caesar and he loved Rome more than he did himself. Antony
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