Brutus Killed Caesar

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On trial today is (Marcus?) Brutus for the murder of Julius Caesar. There is an abundant amount of evidence that prove that M. Brutus is the one to blame for the death of Caesar. M. Brutus has never gotten the glory that Caesar has received and one may be able to infer that M. Brutus’s overall intention is to eliminate his opponent. One of the important parts of this scene was the discussion of Caesar’s desire of power. People feared Caesar of being king because he could possibly be the ruthless dictator that disregards all of the people’s feelings but his own. Caesar knows that he was the power to be king but when the crown is handed to him he does not accept it. The crown was given to him 3 times and all 3 times he denied the crown. Brutus's tragic flaw was that he was too trusting. He frankly and honestly felt that he had had to kill Caesar in order to save Rome from tyranny. He trusted Antony not to blame the conspirators in his speech at Caesar's funeral. Antony broke that promise and got Brutus and the others into deep trouble. Brutus also trusted Cassius. Cassius only asked Brutus to be a part of the conspiracy as a way of getting closer to Caesar. He never suspected that Brutus would take over the group and become their leader. Cassius thought that he was getting someone to lead the men, but that he would still be the head man. Brutus, however, took all power away from Cassius, and Cassius no longer had any say in the happenings of the group. Brutus had a lust for power. When he joined the conspirators, he immediately took over. When they were considering asking Cicero to be one of the conspirators, Brutus would not have it even thought he was the only one who objected. Having an older, more experienced person in the group would have put Brutus out of power, and he would have had to settle for second-in-command. Brutus could not really predict what Caesar

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