Julius Caesar Perspective's And Quotes

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‘Julius Caesar’ Quotes: [A play, written by William Shakespeare] • “The Ides of March” – March 15th Caesar is warned about this date by a soothsayer. • “He thinks too much” – Caesar’s perspective of Cassius. • “O Rome, I make thee promise” – Brutus. He will carry out what he perceives as the will of the Roman people. • “Seem to bloody” – Brutus’ perspective of the consequences if they kill Antony as well as Caesar. • “Speak hands for me” – Casca’s comment made facing the groups stabbing of Caesar to death. • “Peace, freedom and liberty!” – Subsequently what the conspirators will shout within the streets of Rome once their hands have been bathed in the blood of Julius Caesar. • “Live, Brutus, live, live!” – said by the crowd as Brutus asks if they want him to kill himself for what he has done (killing of Caesar). • “O Julius Caesar, thou art might yet” – said by Brutus when he finds his friends killed by the army of Antony and Lepidus. • “This was the noblest Roman of them all” – said by Antony when he finds Brutus dead. • “So call the field, and let’s away / To part the glories of this happy day.” – said by Lepidus as he ends the play. PERSPECTIVES OF CHARACTERS Brutus: At first, he does not commit to Cassius’ conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. He is convinced by letters written by Cinna that the civilians of Rome request him to prevent Caesar from gaining power. He then agrees to join the group who wishes to kill Caesar. He has a distinct perspective that majority of the conspirators hold and that is that Caesar has gained too much power, he shows this through extreme exaggeration (hyperbole) in the event of Caesar’s funeral, “had you rather Caesar alive and die as slaves, or Caesar dead and live as free men?” It evokes or suggests conflicting perspectives which urge the audience to determine whether Brutus is truly a noble Roman or a coward
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