Julius Caesar: A Modern Perspective

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Julius Caesar “A Modern Perspective”: What did the Roman Empire mean to Brutus and Cassius The Roman Empire meant a lot to many people in the world. Back then it was one of the most powerful empires around and the citizens were extremely proud of who they were and where they represent. So proud that they would not want to see a empire ever ruined. Brutus and Cassius were one of these people who loved the empire so much that they had to do bad things. Things like killing the ruler of Rome and throwing the whole empire into turmoil. For their argument they argued that because they loved Rome so much, that is why they had to kill Caesar because they could not have a ruler over Rome. Their forefathers had fought for the freedom and republic of Rome and they even killed a guy who tried to be ruler. Brutus and Cassius had the right idea in trying to protect the republic but they didn’t think it through enough and that is where their plan failed. Caesar was given a crown three times and the people wanted him to have it, but all three times he rejected it to look good in front of the people. Brutus never wants a dictator for the republic because his father worked hard to keep Rome a republic: “My ancestors did from the streets of Rome the Tarquin drive when he was called a king” (Shakespeare 56-57). Cassius’ father was a noble man and when someone tried to put himself as a king, the fathers of Cassius and Brutus ended up killing him. Cassius wanted to do the same ‘heroic’ deed as his father in killing Caesar. Because of the uprising led by Brutus’ father, Cassius and Brutus conspire to do the same thing. However, back then was a lot different from the current day that Brutus lives in. When his father killed the man, the nation rejoiced but that was before they grew attached to the guy who was trying to be crowned king. In the present day it is different because a lot of

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