Who Was Responsible For Julius Caesar's Downfall

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Although the play is referred to as "The Tragedy of Julius Caesar" Caesar was partly at fault for his own death. His arrogant attitude towards Romans and his self centered attitude brought an early death upon him. Caesar received many warnings which may have saved his life but unfortunately hubris got the best of him and Caesar was brought down. Arrogance is defined as "offensive display of superiority or self importance and overwhelming pride". This was the character of Caesar in a single sentence. Caesar's belief of his public image among the citizens is what helps bring about his death. His arrogant self has lead him to mistakenly believe that the immortal status granted to his public self somehow protects his mortal body. Still, Caesar's believes that he is eternal compared to the people and he does not listen to the soothsayer or Artemidorus. Cesar was…show more content…
This is true but the actual reason for his death can be argued. Many say that Caesar killed himself in a way. Although it was the conspirators who murder Caesar, it was Caesar's pride, ambition, and arrogance that lead him to his downfall. On the ides of March, he goes to the capital even after so many bad omens and warnings around him. Caesar's own personality was a key role to his own death making him as guilty as everyone else. If Caesar was a caring ruler he might have survived his assassination but unfortunately he was the stereotypical leader and only cared for the good of himself. Even though the empire was stopped before Caesar could rule it, the republic did not last much longer anyway. Caesar's death was not much of an effect on Rome but nonetheless it was Caesars fault. Caesar was arrogant, hubris and full of pride. He was not fit to lead an empire and his own flaws lead to his destruction. Caesar was arrogant and could not put anyone before himself. He lead the conspirators to his own death and never expected to die at such a young stage in his

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