Compare & Contrast Roman Empire vs. Han Dynasty

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The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty Compare and Contrast The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty have many areas in which they are very similar but here are a few that I thought were important. They each had emperors that ruled around the same time and they both had centralized political systems. Both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were affected by internal problems like disease and corrupt politicians; while they were also affected by external problems like Nomadic Invasions. They both had the most advanced, highly civilized societies in their region of the globe. The fall of these two societies was strangely similar; they endured hardships through significant factors such as the Germanic Invasions that made them decline in power. They were abolished by the same conflicts. One of the main conflicts was due to the immense military power of Germanic Legions persistently attempting to invade the empires. It cost the empires a great deal to keep their borders protected from continuous invasions sent by German leaders. Julius Caesar was not even capable of stopping or preventing the invasions from these barbaric tribes. Soon afterwards their economies began to suffer horribly from them having to pay more in order to enforce protection around the borders from unyielding invasions. What hurt them on the other hand was the lack in not electing a new leader to unify them and bring them back to their “Pax Ramona.” Both empires were able to reach the Golden Age. Now although their seemed to be a lot in common between the two empires, there are even more differences. The Roman Empire had a senate that they had to deal with and sometimes even appease. Although the Han Dynasty didn’t have a similar legislative body in China: the emperors with due observance to the tradition, ruled supreme. It was also a land empire, and unlike the Han Dynasty, the Roman Empire ruled on both

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