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Compare and Contrast Essay on China and Rome Fernando Lucero 9/21/11 P.3 The Roman Empire on the western side of Eurasia and China’s imperial state on the eastern end both came around roughly around the same period of times (200 B.C.E- 200.C.E). An important Economical contrast was that the collapse of the Western Roman Empire fell around 476 C.E. , while the Han Dynasty only lasted till 220 B.C.E. On the other hand the Romans and the Chinese were the same in that they both had political corruption. The Romans and Chinese’s religion differed in that Romans believed in Christianity while the Chinese believed in Confucianism. Their religious views both were the same because they brought peace and harmony to each of the different Empires. These are the comparisons and contrasts that I will be talking about in this following paragraphs. The Roman’s and Chinese’s fall of Empires came at very different times while Western Roman fell around 476 B.C while the Han Dynasty fell at 220 B.C.E. Romulus Augustus was the last Emperor before the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, while in China, Emperor Xian was the ruler at the time of the collapse. The different dates of collapses shows us today that the Romans had a more clear line of success that the Chinese did. The Chinese were destroyed by a warlord, while the Romans were collapsed by enemy invasions. This is an important contrasting historical fact because it shows the Romans economy/political wall was stronger and more well sub-stained than the Chinese’s Han Dynasty. These Empires are similar in that they both had some sort of political corruptions. The imperial court of Han was filled with corruption. While the Romans taxes on the foreigners were high and constantly got higher. The similarity of the Roman and Chinese

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