Compare Rome and Han China

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Rome and Han China Rome and Han China were separated by thousands of miles which made them develop independently of each other, but they both managed to flourish at the same time. These Empires have impacted the world around them with their differences in technological developments, other differences they had can be seen through individual economic status and government ideas. A specific example could be the idea of choosing emperors in Rome based on republic ideas versus China which had emperors based on the Mandate of Heaven. While these empires had differences, they also had similarities some examples being agriculture as a main source of income, militaristic views, new religion developments, and patriarchal family structures. Having aggressive neighbors although being so far apart was one similarity in Han and Rome because in order to protect themselves from them they needed a strong military and also needed to build protecting walls. China, who had to protect themselves from the northern Xiongnu tribe while the Roman Empire needed a strong military due to the Samnium tribes in central Italy. A second similarity was how both empires depended on agriculture as a main source of income and caused them to have a population explosion and become urban empires. The use of the Silk Road was another way Rome and Han China were similar. Both empires used the road for trading while China traded silk and Rome traded olives and oils. The Silk Road was an important similarity between the two empires because of the cultural diffusion happening along the trading routes. Han China and Rome experienced new religion explosions as well. In China there was an introduction to Buddhism which began to flourish while in Rome, Christianity was introduced as a new religion and by the late third century it made up a majority of the Roman Empire. Lastly China and Rome were similar
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