Julius Caesar – a Bad Leader

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Julius Caesar, a Roman general and statesman, served on the First Triumvirate that ruled the Roman Republic during 60 B.C. Although he was popular among the common people and also a great and outstanding military commander, he wasn’t a good leader to govern Rome due to his ambition and inner-weakness. One of the main reasons that Julius Caesar was not a good leader was his ambition. He was a corrupted tyrant, lusting for power. Becoming a governor in his region of Rome wasn’t good enough, he wanted to be crowned king and serve as a dictator for life, something that Rome didn’t have for five hundred years. His need for absolute power, to become greedy and to bring Rome under Monarchy corrupted him and altered his thinking. Instead of thinking about the Roman people, he was thinking about himself, and that made him a bad leader. Another reason that he wasn’t a good leader was that he was weak. Although he appeared to be strong to the commoners, he was seen as weak to his own Senate members, especially Cassius. In Act II, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar, Cassius cared and saved Caesar’s life many times. “Help me, Cassius, or I sink” was one of the quotes said by Caesar during in which he was drowning and need Cassius to save him. In another case, Cassius described that when Caesar was ill, he cared for him and fluffed his pillows. But Caesar never thanked him at all. It was his weakness and his personality that deprived him of his good reputation. So although Julius Caesar was an outstanding military commander and his reputation preceded him, he wasn’t a good leader especially due to his ambition and his personality (along with his weakness0. He was corrupted and wanted absolute power for life, and that made him an awful
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