Julius Caesar Conquest Of Gaul Essay

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The Conquest of Gaul Gaius Julius Caesar was born 100 B.C. in Rome to the impoverished patrician Julian Clan, and know knew controversy early age. Through this conflicts he slowly but surely throughout his lifetime worked his way up the political ladder, becoming Consul and finally Dictator Perpeteus, or Dictator for life. He is deemed as one of the most influential political and military leaders of all time, a highly intelligent man and an exceptional orator. Acquiring this absolute power however, was no easy feat, and Caesar had well equipped himself through previous expeditions of Europe and the ancient world with all the resources necessary to gain power in Ancient Rome. One such "expedition" was Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul. On this expedition, Caesar went to great lengths to write a thorough book about his conquest, and to justify his expenditures to the Roman public and Senate. Through Gaul, Caesar found a way to acquire power and prestige for himself within the Roman political arena. It is debated however as to why Caesar wrote about Gaul, whether it be to bask in his glory of his nine-year campaign or to use as propaganda for the political upheaval he would soon mount against Rome. Therefore, Caesar's conquest of Gaul was…show more content…
His book was largely one-sided and biased, and was used more for propaganda and justification for the three million deaths the nine-year war caused than for a light read or entertainment. In the book he tried to paint a picture of barbarian tribes who needed to be forcefully civilized, and he took this route to further his political career."The Conquest of Gaul" by Julius Caesar was a great literary work of its time and had a large impact on ancient culture, although it was a very biased view of the conquest of Gaul it showed that Caesar was far more than a bloodthirsty leader, he was an intelligent, resourceful

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