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Julius Caesar Essay: Comparing the speeches of Brutus and Mark Antony In Scene 2, Act III, both Brutus and Mark Antony give very important and interesting speeches, revealing much of their personalities and characters. Caesar has just been killed, stabbed to death by a group of his closest "friends", including Brutus, whom he loved greatly (195-200). The conspirators have bathed their hands and arms in Caesar’s blood and have raised tension and chaos among the Roman citizens. Antony has gone courageously to see Caesar’s body and speak to the conspirators to understand why they have done such a horrible deed. Mark Antony has asked the conspirators for permission to carry Caesar’s body outside and make a funeral speech in his honor. Brutus agrees but Cassius fears and predicts Antony will betray them. Brutus ignores Cassius’ warning and walks to the pulpit of the Capitol to speak before a group of citizens, while Cassius does the same with another group. Brutus begins his speech with a lot of confidence, even though deep inside he feels guilty and struggles to understand what he has done. He calls the Romans his friends and speaks with a sense of honor (15-17) and patriotism (23-24). He explains that Caesar has been slain for the welfare of Rome. He says clearly that his reason for killing Caesar was the leader’s excessive ambition. Then, he begins to appeal to each citizen individually, getting to the point where he practically insults anyone who doesn’t agree with him (30-35), calling them low, uncivilized and vile. So far, Brutus’ speech is very direct and precise. The mob rapidly agrees and supports him, cheering him down the pulpit. However, Brutus tells the citizens to stay and listen to what Mark Antony, who arrives with Caesar’s body, has to say. Antony quiets the crowd and begins his speech agreeing with Brutus’ reason to kill Caesar (his ambition) and calls
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