Marcus Brutus and the Assasination of Ceasar

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Although there were several involved in the assassination of Caesar, one individual stood out because of his relationship with Caesar and unusual position. This essay will display characteristics of Brutus that represent the makings of a trustworthy and respectable leader while also underlying his flaws. When analyzing Marcus Brutus and his ideals, the inevitable question becomes did Brutus truly believe that his actions were strictly for the good of Rome? And why was it necessary for Caesar to have to die for Rome to prosper? This essay will examine these questions and illustrate the justification of Marcus Brutus betraying and killing Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus is sometimes considered to be a “tragic hero” because of the role he played in the assassination of Caesar, the tragedy of his father’s death and the outcome of his choices in life. Looking into the underlying flaws within the tragic hero reviles a trustworthy nature which inhibits his ability to judge the character of others. Plutarch described Brutus as a marvelous lowly and gentle person, noble minded, and would never be in any rage, nor carried away with pleasure and covetousness; but had an upright mind and would never yield to any wrong or injustice. Brutus' tragic flaw is that he is nationalistic, very gullible, and is too honest. These flaws allowed people to manipulate his trust, his honesty, and his patriotic beliefs. During Caesars rein, the public was mostly pleased with having Julius Caesar as their emperor but there were people who were outraged and were determined to stop this from happening. The conspirators, as they were called, were a group made up of senators and men of high status in Rome. The two most important men were Marcus Brutus and Cassius. These two men planned and killed Julius Caesar and later led a civil war against Octavious Caesar, Marc Antony and Marcus Lepidus.
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