Changes By Tupac

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Outline for Changes by Tupac Thesis: In this song the artist talks about how the world needs change. He feels like as a person he has not changed at all because the world around him is still the same, while he has grown more distant from his brother. He is trying to convey anger, a lack of love, and hate. I. Introduction- All these feelings of being angry, unloved, and hated come from the people around him. They show hate to one another and he wants everyone to come together. II. Body- A. Anger- He sees no change in who he is and he wakes up feeling like he's not going anywhere. He thinks people do not care, because of the color of his skin. B. Unloved- The changes he and his brother went through were so different that they don't feel like brothers anymore. He thinks that they can't be close because if he we're to get killed, it would seem like his brothers fault. C. Hate- The artist believes things can't be like the good days, they have to be full of hate and no love. There needs to be change and hate needs to be taken out of everyone’s lives but still nobody sees any changes. III. Conclusion- In conclusion, the artist doesn’t think any changes will happen because he believes that is the way people will always be and no one will show love to one another so they can grow together. He thinks some things will never change in his
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