Effect of Arrogance

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Arrogance is the belief that a person creates in ones head that causes a strong sense of entitlement. Also, Dictionary.com defines arrogance as a feeling of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or presumptuous claims. The idea of arrogance is not an easy concept to grasp but it is possible. It must be explained, not just through writings or speech’s but also through examples. Arrogance has brought about the tragic downfall of many famous figures in both sports and politics. Being constantly praised for their exceptional abilities, athletes often develop exaggerated egos. For example, Kobe Bryant’s egotism caused detrimental effects to his team. He continuously kept the ball to himself, trying to be the hero. These acts bred a hostile environment and eventually his team began to lose. In the long run his arrogance will catch up with him. On the other end of the spectrum, arrogance has ruined many political figures. Al Gore’s demise due to arrogance is also another example. Al Gore’s effort to save the climate was a failure, yet his pride refused to give in. Al Gore disrespected many other political figures and caused disgust throughout America. Many people expressed their disgust towards Gore throughout media. Al Gore’s loss in the presidential election resulted directly from his arrogance and refusal to admit failure. The feeling of superiority in an overbearing manner infected many famous figures throughout history. For example, during the war with the Indians General Custard was ordered to take control of a small town. Three days before the supposed attack on the town, three scouts discovered a camp fifteen miles out of town filled with Indians. The scouts reported this to Custard, with blatant disregard Custard attacked. Little did Custard know, he was in the middle of a massacre. Custard was fighting against six thousand Indians,
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