Role Of Secrecy In Frankenstein

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Merry Shelly’s Frankenstein explores secrecy and the outcome of an individual who wrestles with the options of revealing the truth or withholding it. Victor Frankenstein is victim of a double sided sword; his secret becomes a leech that is hazardous to his well being. As readers follow through the endless hell put out of Victor's life they learn the nature of his secret, its consequences, and how it contributes to the message Shelly is trying to convey, the belief that secrecy can be destructive by corrupting life and love. Frankenstein begins a quest of creating a human being from scratch. He does not reveal his plan or actions. He becomes so dedicated to this work, he does not tell anyone, even the people he loves. He ignores them and no longer visits or contacts them while he is…show more content…
After the creature is complete, he continues to keep his work secret because he is ashamed. As his secrets continue, so does the destruction of all of their lives. These murders could be blamed on the creature, but he is not solely responsible for them. The root cause of the murders is Victor’s secrecy. His concealment causes his obsession, a lack of preventative measures against the creature, and his fear of appearing to be mad. The nature of Victor Frankenstein secret derives from pride and the prevention of humiliation. Frankenstein discreetly gives life to a being in an attempt to escape what seemed to be inevitable; death. This hidden creation ultimately turns into a deranged monster who successfully seeks vengeance on Frankenstein and his family. Knowing that he is indirectly responsible for the tragic events that have transpired; Victor Frankenstein
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