Frankenstein-the Monster's Characteristics

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-The Timidness and Lack of Self-esteem of the Monster- I want to write about the characteristics of the monster. To talk about his appearance, the monster is animated by old body parts and mixture of strange chemicals. He started his life one morning in eight feet tall(2m 44cm) and enormously strong state. Think about yourself that one day you opened your eyes like a newborn baby, but you are 244cm high. You do not have your parents with you. Just by imagination, we can feel that how much horror and stress the monster would have had at the moment of birth. Abandoned by his creator and confused, he tries to make himself a member of society but gets exiled. At the part where the monster tries to find a residence in the society, “Being thus provided, I resolved to reside in this hovel, until something should occur which might alter my determination. It was indeed a paradise, compared to the bleak forest, my former residence, the rain-dropping branches and dank earth”, I had a thought that the monster is too frustrated and timid at the reactions of people and already withdrew his hospitality from the attacks of human beings. But in this way, he would not be able to be integrated in the human society. He must be more dignified at himself and making some different approaches towards people although they might throw stones at his appearance. Another characteristic that I would like to write about is the monster’s lack of self-esteem. We have talked about a similar topic in class on why the monster was isolated from the society, and while the discussion I thought that it was the monster’s lack of self-esteem that eventually caused his exile from the society. I understand that he would not have any self-esteem before his education of language and knowledge, since before the monster learns to express himself, his actions are no less than terrifying which would only make
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