Lord Of The Flies Conch Essay

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From the very beginning the conch is shown to us as an example of civilisation. We can relate it back to the gavel in a courtroom. Like the conch, the gavel is used to gain silence and create order amongst on people. When Ralph “…held up the conch for silence,” silence actually fell. The fact that the boys were so in awe of the conch (as a link to what they had left behind) and that they were willing to stop talking and listen proves that the conch, to them, represented home and civilisation with order and rules. Something similar would happen in a courtroom when the gavel was banged down for silence. We can see that at this point the boys still respect the civilisation that they belong to and are willing to obey it. We can also see…show more content…
They represent the restrictions imposed upon us by civilisation to prevent us from doing harm. This is demonstrated when Roger is throwing stones at Henry. He throws to miss as there is a “space around Henry, into which he dare not throw.” We see that civilisation has “conditioned” his arm and prevents him from doing harm to others. The stones at this point represent the boundary that civilisation imposes on our behaviour. However, as the book continues we see the stones become a thing of evil as Roger loses his grip on civilisation. The stones come to represent the loss of restriction normally imposed by civilisation. In chapter 11 Roger rolls a huge boulder off the cliff at Castle Rock and onto Piggy, killing him outright. From this we know that Roger has truly lost his grasp on civilisation and has turned from a civilised boy into a savage who is willing to commit murder. “Roger with a sense of delirious abandonment leaned on the lever.” “Delirious” can only refer to his lack of propriety which leads to the death of another human. He has abandoned civilised thought and become an evil beast willing to disregard human life just because he has the power to. Without the restraints of civilised society we may lose touch and let our inner evil take control of our action. This may lead to us committing horrendous crimes. We need civilisation and its restraining forces to protect us from this horrific
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