Compare And Contrast: William Wallace &Amp;Amp; Gilgamesh

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Compare and Contrast: William Wallace & Gilgamesh William Wallace and Gilgamesh have many traits to their personalities and goals. Though they can be similar, both have qualities that differ from one another. Both William Wallace and Gilgamesh face different challenges that they handle in different ways. Not each character is equally successful. Being heroic is something that William Wallace and Gilgamesh have in common. William Wallace and Gilgamesh face challenges that are not similar. William faces the British army, the strongest army in that time period, unlike Gilgamesh who fought a monster. Though William fought the toughest army he did not do this task by himself. He had help by means of his followers and the princess. Nothing like William Wallace, Gilgamesh fought the monster by himself. Gilgamesh fought to save his friend and became famous for that. Their challenges were successful because they meet their goals. William Wallace was wrath at the British for killing his wife. He began to fight for his and his people’s freedom from the British. Gilgamesh fought the monster to save his friends life at the cost of his. At the end, William Wallace died for his and his people’s freedom. Gilgamesh killed the monster and saved his friends life. William Wallace is more heroic character that Gilgamesh. William Wallace being the more heroic is because he fought an army along with the people who knew he was right about what he believed in. The fight for his freedom and his people’s freedom. Also, he fought for the revenge for his wife that they killed to get to him. William Wallace is brave, courageous and loyal to the most heroic. Gilgamesh was just watching his friend getting beaten by Humbaba. Gilgamesh is a coward and scared. He almost took the monster bibe before he chopped off his head. The qualities and traits that William Wallace

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