Uncontrolled Ambition In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein Coming from a wealthy family Victor Frankenstein was a young student who was always committed to science and obsessed with the creation of animation to lifeless matter. In Frankenstein The Modern Prometheus, Mary Shelly uses allusions to Prometheus as an example to suggest that uncontrolled ambition will lead to unwanted problems. Victor and Prometheus were both ambitionite, they wanted to create life but they betrayed the laws of nature. Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and by that he was punished by being chained and an eagle would eat his organs every day since he was immortal. “Who shall conceive the horrors of my secret toil or tortured the living animal to animate the lifeless clay?” This explains how Victor betrayed…show more content…
The monster was hoping to make Victor as miserable as himself, so he decides to kill William since he is related to Victor. And Zeus revenge toward Prometheus was to connect him to the highest of Mount Caucasus and send an eagle every day to eat his organs. Even though the monster sought out revenge he felt lonely so he asked Victor to make him a female because he wanted to feel something special which is love. The monster often dreamt of companionship and love of his creator, but he also feels deep bitterness because he has been abandoned by his own god. The Monsters bitterness desires him to make Victor as alone as possible that’s why he kills all of his loved ones. Victor’s ambition eventually causes him to be left with no one. There is no escaping ambition that’s why Victor is suffering. The monster questions Victor on why he created him then abandoned him. Since the monster blames Victor he seeks revenge into making Victor as alone as possible and the monster is successful with that. Eventually Victor leaves Geneva because he is alone but he swears to his father’s death that he will seek revenge through all the pain and problems that he yet alone has been forced to go through. Prometheus and Victor both demonstrate how uncontrolled ambitions lead to unwanted consequences, such as betray and revenge. Mary Shelly uses allusion to Prometheus because she saw similarities between both characters which there equal ambition of creating a human being causes them great
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