Give Me By Carol Ann Duffy Analysis

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Give- Carol Ann Duffy Repetition Repetition is used throughout “Give”, repetition of words as well phrases and also the appearance of the poem itself. The repetition of “give me” at the beginning of each stanza highlights the partner’s demanding nature, which grow in each stanza, leading to the partner leaving the narrator. Each stanza ends with “the story I told”, tying in with the title, to show how the narrator gave everything that the partner asked for, while the partner just asked for more. The physical structure of the stanzas is also repeated. Where the first stanza ends, the next stanza carries on from that point onwards. This creates an illusion of endlessness, perhaps to show that the narrator’s naïve belief that her and her partner’s love was everlasting. More probably, it seems to show the continuous greed…show more content…
The way that it is used here gives the entire poem a very fictional feel. The content of the poem (“give me… the forest… the river… sky…”) is obviously not realistic; you can’t give someone the “gold from the sun”. The fairytale like description shows the narrator in a very gullible, naïve sort of light; she seems to give everything to her love without a moments doubt, not seeing that she being taken advantage of or, even if she does see, hoping that her partner still loves her enough to stay with her. The use of the mythical, fictional imagery and fairy tale atmosphere in the poem help the reader to understand and empathize with the narrator and what she is going through. We see divorces all around us, so much so that it has become very monotonous and we fail to really understand want the divorced people go through. Using this fictional imagery bridges the emotional gap between the reader and the narrator in order for us to see things from her point of view and truly feel what she
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